Bike on the South Coast of Skåne

Lovely bike routes around Trelleborg and Smygehamn

The city of Trelleborg has a well-developed cycling network with many fine cycle paths, and most attractions are within cycling distance. Based around Trelleborg and Smygehuk, the staff at Visit Trelleborg has produced 4 nice bike tours where you will be guided to culture, history and places to visit along the way. The terrain is varied with beaches and shore meadows, vast plains with croplands and willow alleys and hilly forest landscapes. Take the bike and set out on a journey of discovery in Trelleborg’s beautiful surroundings.

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The Bodarp tour

27 km – Blue route


The Virestad tour

25 km – Red route

Large Smyge tour

55 km – Black route


Small Smyge tour

25 km – Green route

Continue biking through Skåne

From Trelleborg, you can also follow a number of different major cycling routes through Skåne, all of which offer a variety of experiences through a varied nature. The trails mostly follow cycle paths but also less busy roads inland. The roads are of a high standard and have little traffic.

Sydkustleden (Red signs)

Sydkustleden is one of Sweden’s three national cycling routes for tourism and recreation. Together with Kattegattleden (Helsingborg-Gothenburg) and Sydostleden (Växjö-Simrishamn), they form approximately 90 kilometers of continuous cycle paths of a high standard. The main stretch runs between Simrishamn-Ystad-Trelleborg-Skanör/Falsterbo-Malmö-Landskrona-Helsingborg.

Read more and look at maps here.

Sverigeleden (Green signs)

Sverigeleden starts on Kontinentgatan opposite Trelleborg’s central station. It is an almost nationwide cycle path that passes through all of Sweden’s provinces except Gotland. The trail runs on public roads, mostly on asphalt, and is divided into a main trail and a number of alternative trails. In the municipality of Trelleborg, the trail is largely on cycle paths and goes eastward towards Skateholm. Sverigeleden is created by the Swedish Cycling Association.

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Route to Staffanstorp (Yellow signs)

The yellow route is created by the Swedish Transport Administration. The route runs between Trelleborg, Svedala and Staffanstorp.

Download the map here.

Parking, pumps and charging stations

At Trelleborg C, you can park your bicycle in one of the almost 500 bicycle parking spaces. Most of the spaces are under roof and there are plenty of spaces for frame locking as well. Pump up your bike in one of the city’s bike pumps whenever you want. The pumps are centrally located at Trelleborg C and by the toilets on Stortorget. Pumps are also available in Smygehuk by the marina and by the toilet building. You can charge your bike free of charge at the Tourist Information in Smygehuk.


Rent your bike

Do you want to go on a cycling adventure but don’t have a bike? No problem, here you can find the nearest bike rentals. Do you live in a hotel, hostel or B&B? Sometimes they provide bikes to borrow.

Fribergs cykel

Hedvägen in Trelleborg

Beddinge bike rental


Hyr en hoj

Trelleborg Strand Camping