We get many different types of questions at the Tourist Center. Here are some of them.

When does The Merchants store in Smygehuk open ?
The Merchant´s store is a privately owned building and has been rented by Trelleborg Tourist Center every summer until  2016. From the summer of 2017, the business is managed by an association. Read more and see opening hours here

Where is there restrooms in the city centre?
Public toilets are located at Valens Köpcentrum, Trelleborg C and at Stortorget.

Where can you connect to free wifi?
In the center there is free wifi at Trelleborg Tourist Center, Trelleborg Library, Rådhuset and Trelleborg C. Several restaurants and cafés have free wifi, eg Espresso House on Algatan (pedestrian street).

When are the shops in Trelleborg open?
Ordinary opening hours are weekdays from 10 am  to 6 pm and saturdays at 10 am – 2 pm. Valengallerian has longer opening hours and is also open on Sundays. See exact opening hours here.

What are the destinations of the ferries and where can I buy tickets?
TT-Line has departures to Travemünde (about 7 h), Rostock (about 6 h) and Świnoujście (about 6.5 h). Tickets are purchased through their website and at Trelleborg Tourist Center.
Stena Line departs to Rostock (about 6 h). Tickets are bought through their website and at Trelleborg Tourist Center.
Unity Line has departures to Świnoujście (about 7 h). Tickets are bought via their website and at Trelleborg Tourist Center.

When are there marketdays at the square?
Wednesdays at 8 am- 2 pm and Saturdays at 8 am – 4 pm

When is the Palmtree Festival?
Trelleborg’s big party weekend always accurs the last weekend in August! No festival will take place 2020.