Good to know before your visit

Free street parking. Parking disc should be used if the parking sign indicates it. The parking disc should be clearly visible and set at the time of arrival. The time is adjusted forward to the next full or half hour. The parking disc must not be changed during the parking period. Parking discs can be collected free of charge at the tourist office.

Date parking is valid on all streets weekdays 8 am to 4 pm except the day before Sunday or public holiday unless otherwise indicated by a road sign. Date parking means a ban on parking vehicles on an even side at an even date and a prohibition on parking vehicles on an odd side at odd dates.

Long-term parking with a fee is listed on Q-park’s ( Aimopark) page.

Parking for motorhomes is available at Parking Kontinentplan. Here is a list of places to park. Campers can also park at our campsites: Trelleborg Strand camping, Granhyddan’s camping, Skateholms camping and Nybostrand’s camping. See all campsites here.

WC & shower
Public toilets and showers are available at the Central Station. Toilets are also available at Valen’s shopping center as well as Stortorget & Generationsparken.

Some stores in Trelleborg take Euro. If you want to exchange money, you can do so at Forex on CB. Friisgatan.
Several ATMs are in City. Here you can withdraw money with Credit cards marked with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club.

Tire Pump
Air for pumping tires on a stroller, bicycle or wheelchair is available at the Central Station and Stortorget.

Market Days
Wednesday and Saturday morning it is square day on Stortorget. Here are various vendors with clothes, flowers and vegetables. The supply varies from time to time.

In case of emergency
Emergency number 112 should only be used in emergency situations where there is a danger to life, property or the environment.
Do not call 112 unless it is an emergency.

If you are in a situation that does not need urgent help, you can call any of these numbers:
1177 – Medical advice
114 14 – Police number for non-emergency events
113 13 – Information numbers for serious accidents and crises
0410 73 30 00 – Trelleborg Municipality