Hike the Skåneleden trails

Experience Skåne’s diverse countryside

Hiking in Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, attracts seasoned trekkers and amateur hikers from all over the world. Pack your bag, lace up your boots and trek the Scandinavian wilderness with its old virgin forests, rocky coastlines and pastoral landscapes.

The Skåneleden Trail – follow the orange signs

The Skåneleden Trail is a 1,250 metre-long marked long-distance hiking trail through the countryside of Skåne. Choose from five separate sub-trails comprising a total of 105 sections, some of which are connected, making them perfect for circular hikes.  The entire trail is marked with orange markers and signs, so you always know where you’re going.

Walk the coastal sections for dramatic contrasts between rocky shores, sandy beaches and the open sea, or hike the hillsides of mid-Skåne with lush green beech forests, fascinating rock formations and abundant flora and fauna. If you want that sense of remote seclusion, the lakes in north-east Skåne are surrounded by deep virgin forests and historic sites.

Campsites and facilities

There are campsites with facilities for hikers all along the Skåneleden trail. You’ll usually find a shelter, compost toilet, place to light a fire, wood, rubbish bin, water and an information board. And it’s all free.  So pack your bag and get ready for unique hiking adventures. Visit Skåneleden’s website to find more information and help to plan your trip.

Reach the trail by bus or train

You can get to most sections of Skåneleden by bus or train, you don’t need your own car to hike the trail. Or you can park your car in one place, hike from there for as long as you like, then take public transportation back to your car.

Kust – kustleden

Kust-kustleden i.e. Coast to coast Trail stretches horizontally from the city of Sölvesborg in the very northeast corner of Skåne to Ängelholm in the west. This sub trail offers experiences in the wild border regions and quiet woodland lakes in the east and dramatic coastal cliffs in the west.






Nord – Sydleden

I.e. North to South Trail. From Hårsjö (just west of Vittsjö) in the north all the way down to the coastal city of Trelleborg in the south. This trail takes you through the dense Göinge woodlands, open savannah-like environments and beautiful country estates with a rich flora.






Ås – åsleden

Ås-åsleden i.e. Ridge to ridge Trail takes you from Åstorp at the foot of Söderåsen ridge to Brösarp hills in Österlen, the northeast of Skåne. This trail takes you past impressive ravines, magnificent national parks and recreation areas with plenty to do.







The Österlenleden Trail takes you on a hiking tour around the southeast of Skåne. Picturesque fishing villages, long, white sandy beaches and humid beech woodlands await you. Don’t forget to bring some local produce with on your hike from one of the many farm shops in the area.


From Utvälinge (just west of Ängelholm) in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south, and a circular trail around the Falsterbonäset Peninsula. Along this trail, you can enjoy magnificent sea views, exciting nature reserves and the proximity of good facilities.